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Universe and galaxies

Black Hole and Milky Way Galaxy Can Black Bricks Be Without Existence? Dark matter, which is 10 times the volume of the galactic material, ensures that the matter survives along with the black hole. The result is that the amount of matter in the universe is 4% but it plays an important role in the survival of living things. We are very small in the universe. The universe created by the clock works with precision. It can exist within these figures. Nothing has been created in space. The universe reminds a gigantic device that works like clockwork. How long will the mechanism work? … Only God knows This is the purpose of creating the universe of darkness Darkness and light.The light of darkness and everything has begun.The darkness of darkness separates light from the sun.There are two forces in the universe, by either What is the purpose of God in creating all these things? The events that will be created by God are monitored in advance by God. In their creation, man is superior to all creatures. Only a few angels who are close to God. He commanded all the angels to bow down before the man. All the angels prostrated. Only Satan did not prostrate. He explained to God: You created man from clay, but from smoke. I said why I should bow down to him and oppose God. Satan denied the devil because he did not fulfill his command. And if we look at all this from a broad prism, God knows all these things, and it was known to Him that the events will continue in this direction. The Creator’s purpose is to show God’s justice and accuracy by creating a human being with a short time and by controlling man. By praying to God, man can reach the end of the true path. All roads are wrong. It is easy to control people who live in a space that has been away from time immemorial. And this does not mean that the angels of God are heavy. All people must repent and return to the path of God. There is no other way. This is the way to the light. And whoever desires the choice, let Allah guide them and turn back on their way.